And you should be well compensated for your passion and expertise.

What's blocking you from getting there? Let me help you unravel chaos, confusion, and pain. We can turn those roadblocks into into focus, freedom and purpose.

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1:1 Coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, we can get to the heart of what is holding you back and customize your path forward.

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Group Coaching

Tackle a specific challenge with a small cohort of people with similar goals. Upcoming session is "None To Done - Overcoming Portfolio Obstacles"

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Coming soon to a post-Covid 19 world near you.


It's all about emotions in the workplace

Are you...

  • Changing careers
  • Leveling up
  • Building confidence
  • Facing doubt, anxiety, or uncertainty
  • Wanting guidance on where you fit in or measure up
  • Getting unstuck
  • Feeling alone in your journey
  • Searching for motivation or clarity

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Working with me is like...

"I had branded myself as a generalist and you helped me realize that leaning into my strengths would be a better strategy. You also helped me think through how to highlight my unique background, skills, personality. I was nervous to jump in and brand myself as a specialist but it paid off. :) "
             ~ Alex O.

"I think the true challenge that you uncovered with me was how to make myself stand out among all of the other bootcamp grads. It was hard to hear but definitely a turning point."
             ~ Becca V.

"Over the course of our coaching I've gotten much more comfortable with self promotion. It doesn't feel so uncomfortable anymore."
             ~ Dana L.

"I feel like I can be my authentic self with you. I shed so many tears and exposed a bunch of inner thoughts and weaknesses. Thoughts that I would be judgmental of myself about, but you haven't been judgmental. You've encouraged me to be kind and compassionate to myself. And you've supported me and had confidence in me. I think every coaching session with you, I've come away feeling good about myself and feeling encouraged."
            ~ Raleigh Z.
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