Remember the excitement you had when you discovered UX Research was a real job?

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A spark of joy (and relief!) surged through you.

You thought -- this is what I’ve been
wanting all along!

But Changing Careers is Hard.


Right now, you feel stuck, you have doubts, and you need some answers. 

  • Is this job as good as it sounds?
  • Do I have to start over with new education and experiences?
  • Am I cut out for a job in tech?
  • Will they laugh at me or not understand my background?
  • Will I ruin my academic reputation?
  • How do I match up to others going after these jobs???
  • What if _____????

You know the next step is the create a portfolio of your research, but that is easier said than done!

You seem to constantly be reminded that:

  • You have no “actual” or “concrete” UX experience
  • You don’t see any “real world results” from the work you’ve done
  • You don’t have a “tech” background
  • You didn’t even do all the work by yourself

So how are you supposed to prove you can be a UX Researcher?!?


How do you know if you are speaking the right language for the industry?

How can you show that you understand the research methods needed for UX?


What is expected of me???

Scouring the Internet can actually make your fears worse.

The more you search for answers, the more contradictions you find. Everyone sounds so absolute and confident, but the advice ISN’T CLEAR!


They make it sound so simple!

Have you started to doubt yourself even more because you still feel uncertainty and a lack of clarity?


Part of the challenge is that UX Research gets lumped into UX Design. When you dive too deep into the UX blogosphere, you’ll start to believe you have to know all the latest design tools and how to code just to be considered for a junior researcher role!

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There are all sorts of roles in all sorts of organizations.

The fastest way to a fulfilling new career (and a fat pay raise) is a CLEAR and AUTHENTIC STRATEGY.

I know you’ve been working on this on your own. You are smart and resourceful. But the truth is this: no one can actually see themselves clearly without a good mirror. And no one truly grows without a guide that actually cares about them and their dreams and their successes.

These truths are the reason that so many have paid thousands of dollars for bootcames or online classes, but still feel stuck.

They can’t trust the strategy because it is cookie-cutter.

Online classes and bootcamp strategies come from a recording, not a relationship. 

It’s not authentic because it was handed down instead of curated FROM you.

I coach new UX Researchers looking to build their portfolios so that they can:

✨Feel like they’ve found “home” with their careers

✨Finally thrive and feel alive and motivated

✨Research skills with a sense of purpose

✨Tell their journey and receive smiles and nods

✨Confidently transform their careers


My mission is to coach people to live authentically so they can be more than they thought they could.



I work in groups so that:

  We can support each other

  Understand our unique offerings

  See a-ha and growth in one another

  We are vulnerable with each other and that creates deep friendship that become our professional network

  Connection, trust, referrals

In None To Done UX Portfolio Coaching, you will

  • Develop your career story with clarity
  • Transform doubt into clarity and trustworthiness
  • Know how/where/why to pitch yourself to target companies and roles
  • Build a LinkedIn profile and resume that stand out
  • Design a portfolio that is so good it will brighten a cloudy day (you’ll impress yourself)
  • Know exactly what to say and how to talk about previous work to land your dream career
  • Learn and practice specific in-demand research methods and latest practices so you are in demand and can hit the ground running in your new job
  • Show off past work so you don’t have to “start over” a new career
  • Interview so you can enter with the right salary and seniority so you are financially secure



You can continue trying to plow through your frustrations alone, or we can work as a team. Instead of beating yourself up, your portfolio can be ready for prime time in just a few weeks.

Let's do this together.

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